The Singing Lesson (Unabridged)

Written by:
Katherine Mansfield
Narrated by:
Hiral Varsani

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
0 hours 17 minutes
The Singing Lesson, written by Katherine Mansfield, is all about a surprising day of a music teacher's life. Taken from Katherine's 'The Garden Party and Other Stories' collection, it's a short story written in third person from an unknown narrator's perspective. - Miss Meadows, a music teacher, receives a letter from her fiancé which states quite plainly that Basil, her fiancé, isn't ready to marry her and feels that the marriage would fill him with disgust. The word 'disgust' is scratched lightly and written above it is the word 'regret'. Naturally she's filled with despair, anger & sadness. And due to her bad mood she sees everyone and everything in a negative light. Her usual calm and cheery demeanor turns gloomy and angry that day and this change doesn't go unnoticed by her students.
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