Silent Prey

Written by:
John Sandford
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2012
11 hours 14 minutes
In Eyes of Prey, Bekker, an insane pathologist who experiments with his patients' pain thresholds, is finally brought down by an unrelenting Lucas Davenport, who brutally maims the doctor's beautiful face but leaves him alive. 'You should have killed me,' were Bekker's parting and prophetic words. In this sequel to Eyes of Prey, Bekker endures the indignities and horrors of imprisonment, taking comfort in the fact that it is only a matter of time before he will make Lucas Davenport pay.
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not Sandford best...but still worth listening

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Cheryl Keeney


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Larry D.

I like John Sandford's writing. Twists and turns. More than one plot to follow.he

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Francois S.

Another great story that all comes together in the end. I have already downloaded the next book in the series.

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Just ok. White noise in an overloaded genre.

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Stephen R.

Yet again, absolutely brilliant! From start to finish was superb with a fantastic story. The Narrator brought the story and characters alive. Next book in series already in my library.

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Love the story and the narrator. I listen while I commute cause music makes me sleepy, this book kept me awake on the edge of the drivers seat. “My minds eye” saw everything like I was watching a movie.

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I'm a pathologist, so a book about an insane, murderous peer - I couldn't resist. Good lord though, this is a weird book and I couldn't finish it. It's a police procedural written in the 90's that fulfills every sexist and racist cliche you'd expect from that era. I cut up dead bodies for a living so I have a decently high threshold for gross, but the gratuitous violence/torture in this book beat me. Okay I get it; your bad guy is super messed up. Thanks for making that so abundantly clear. Narrator was great though!

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Rlee B.

Loved it!!

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Ronald Johnson

Have yet to be disappointed by the author,narrater or storvline.

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KarenLynn M.

In my opinion honestly Lucas Davenport is amazing. I love sandfords writing. He has created a place and time and character that are riveting. Lucas is strong smart and someone you can root for. The style of this book is ecxcelkent. I will try more by this author. Richard Ferrone is sublime as the narrator. Love this combo. Highly recommend.

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Pedro P.

Good solid work.

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Michael Hayes

Good book in the series. Narrator is very good!

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Sharon H.

This book was so good, great thriller. Narrator was perfect

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James E

I have listened to all but two of the Prey series books and this one was another solid effort by JS. Richard Ferrone once again proves why he is the best in the business with his narration.

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