The Sign of the Beaver

Narrated by:
Greg Schaffert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2004
3 hours 9 minutes
At just 12 years old, Matt must face serious challenges in the Maine wilderness while awaiting his father's return to their cabin.

When he is saved from a terrifying bee swarm attack by an Indian chief and his grandson Attean, Matt gains a valuable friend in the young Indian boy.

As the boys become closer and learn new skills from each other, Matt must face a heart-wrenching decision when the tribe decides to move north.  Is it time for Matt to move on with Attean's tribe and give up hope of his family ever returning?
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Kristen P

Wonderful story for the whole family! Join a young boy on his journey on the early America n Frontier. Full of adventure and deep characters.

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Nelly Navarro-Britt

A great story about friendship between "settler boy" and "Indian boy" in the 1700s. It has good narration. Recommended for upper elementary aged boys.

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Tracy F.


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Mary K.

This was a beautiful story of friendship between two young boys. I love how the author brings up difficult issues like whether it is right for the white man to move into the Indians territory or whether it is right to own land, but never lets the character come up with a definitive answer. It allows the listener to ponder the same thoughts from both perspectives. My children and I loved listening to this story.

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Mary R

The very is sad and happy, the book it very good and wonderful.

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Laura Heller

It was great I thought I was in the and I'm a 11 year old boy that doesn't like to read but I love listening to this book

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