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January 2022
20 hours 10 minutes
Sometimes the mere thought can set off the feeling. Sadness.....something lost or maybe not attained. Sadness can bring loneliness, a need to be with others. It can be difficult to explain, it takes time to navigate through. It may leave us or it may deepen into something darker, more tenacious.Sadness can be about so many things from places to people, from thoughts to actions. Our classic authors including Arnold Bennett, James Joyce, Willa Cather, Joseph Conrad, Ivan Turgenev and many others use their pens and stories to demonstrate the many ways this feeling can take a hold of lives and its consequences.1 - Short Stories About Sadness - An Introduction2 - The Dead by James Joyce3 - The Cloak by Nikolai Gogol also known as 'The Overcoat'4 - Life of Ma Parker by Katherine Mansfield5 - A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane6 - Aloysha the Pot by Leo Tolstoy7 - The Lagoon by Joseph Conrad8 - Adventure by Sherwood Anderson9 - Vanka by Anton Chekhov10 - Odour of Chrysanthemums by D H Lawrence11 - Paul's Case by Willa Cather12 - Silence by Leonid Nikolaevich Andreev13 - The Fly by Katherine Mansfield14 - The Gift of the Magi by O Henry15 - The District Doctor by Ivan Turgenev16 - The Matador of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett17 - Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne18 - An Honest Thief by Fyodor Dostoyveskey19 - Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin20 - The Interlopers by Saki the pseudonym for H H Munro21 - A Piece of Steak by Jack London22 - About Love by Anton Chekhov23 - Lost in a Pyramid (or the Mummy's Curse) by Louisa May Alcott writing as A M Bernard24 - The Stones of the Village by Alice Dunbar Nelson25 - Hide and Seek or Pliatki by Fyodor Sologub26 - Hands by Sherwood Anderson27 - Misery by Anton Chekhov28 - The Quadroons by Lydia Maria Child29 - The Servant by S T Semyonov30 - The Furnished Room by O Henry31 - Twenty-Six Men and a Girl by Maxim Gorky32 - Two Little Soldiers by Guy de Maupassant33 - The Horse Dealer's Daughter by D H Lawrence34 - Springtime a la Carte by O Henry35 - The Canary by Katherine Mansfield36 - Roger Malvin's Burial by Nathaniel Hawthorne37 - Volodya by Anton Chekhov38 - To Build a Fire by Jack London
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