Ship of the Dead

Written by:
John L. Campbell
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone
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Release Date
October 2014
12 hours 28 minutes
In the weeks following the Omega Virus outbreak, survivors form desperate clusters, uniting to defend against hordes of the walking dead. But they can only hide for so long . Father Xavier Church never wanted to be a leader. Nonetheless, he's grown attached to his fellow survivors, and he won't let anyone cause them harm-though he may be the one who inadvertently leads them to destruction . Ex-con Bill Carnes may crave freedom, but he still prefers sticking with the group rather than fleeing to Mexico with his former cellmate TC. Maybe he's changing. Or maybe the look in TC's eyes is more dangerous than the undead . EMT Rosa Escobedo gave up on hope after she watched the man she loved rise from the dead. But when a patient seems to start getting better, she can't help but hope for a cure, even if it means risking her life . As the numbers of the dead swell, the living are running out of safe havens-especially when the biggest threats lie within their own ranks.
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Didn’t think I would like zombie books, but I’ve enjoyed this series. The narrator is good and the story kept me interested.

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Michael W.

good book.

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these books are so good I'm always on the edge of my seat

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Scott Mackay

Fun. Very fun. I enjoyed Ship of the Dead even more than Omega Days. Cool idea.

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Robert Cartier

Very well done. The characters were easier to follow than in Omega Days. Loved the ending as well, can't wait to see who the new villain is for the finale.

Ship of the Dead
This title is due for release on October 7, 2014.

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Ship of the Dead
This title is due for release on October 7, 2014
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Ship of the Dead
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Ship of the Dead

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