Shadow Watchers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
9 hours 53 minutes
The shadow of all Evil is about to eclipse the world.

Just one person stands in its way . . .

When Diane Cockerton disappeared in the summer of '05, she escaped the grips of a terror which had haunted her from childhood. She also left behind everything and everyone she's ever loved.

Now, six years later, she finds herself drawn into a game with no rules and no guarantees-and no one left to trust.

Forced to confront the ultimate shadow of all Evil, and with no guarantee of survival, Diane's past and present are about to collide in a game of demonic cat-and-mouse where winner takes all.

Can she escape the darkness that stalks her, or will the secrets of the past be her final undoing?

Contains mature themes.
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