Seven Archangels: Stattered Walls: The Seven Archangels Saga, Book 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
10 hours 25 minutes
It's twenty years after the Resurrection, and rumors coming out of Hell are that Satan's got a new weapon in development, only no one knows what it is. When the archangels Remiel and Zadkiel infiltrate Hell to learn the truth, they discover that new weapon only to unwittingly set it off. The weapon maims Belior, one of Satan's highest-ranking demons, but also leaves Zadkiel blind and Remiel disabled. The angels have a limited time to reverse the effects of the weapon, assuming it can be done at all, but that means sneaking back into Hell and confronting old enemies...old enemies who were once even older friends. Remiel and Zadkiel seek refuge on Earth among the early Christian community and must, at the same time, avoid or disarm Belior, one of their deadliest enemies. Because like any predator, a wounded demon is twice as dangerous. And Belior knows they hold his only chance to save himself. In the newest novel of the Seven Archangels saga, Jane Lebak packs action and heart into every page as the angels struggle to save their comrades, even at great personal cost.
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