Seven Archangels: Perdition's Heirs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
12 hours 8 minutes
Three powerful siblings are poised to continue their grandfather’s deal with the devil.
Cosmiel’s angelic Special Ops team takes the assignments no one else wants. Too dangerous for the ministerial corps and too delicate for the army, these assignments require the best of the best, the angels who go where other angels fear to tread. The pressure is unrelenting, and even one distracted moment could leave an angel stabbed or chained in Hell—but the humans need them.

The Ellington siblings seem to need nothing at all. Their recently-deceased grandfather, Linus Ellington, bequeathed them his money, his influence, and his Fortune 500 company. But they're also heirs to Ellington’s pact with Hell, and now the demons are coming to collect.

Cosmiel needs to guide his team through the most intricate case of intergenerational evil he’s ever faced, or else these three human souls—and the thousands more under their influence—will perish.

This standalone novel in the Seven Archangels Saga combines heroics, espionage, ingenuity, teamwork, and the heart of the human family.
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