Service: A Navy SEAL at War

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2012
12 hours 0 minutes
Marcus Luttrell, author of the #1 bestseller Lone Survivor, share war stories about true American heroism from himself and other soldiers who bravely fought alongside him.
Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell returned from his star-crossed mission in Afghanistan with his bones shattered and his heart broken. So many had given their lives to save him -- and he would have readily done the same for them. As he recuperated, he wondered why he and others, from America's founding to today, had been willing to sacrifice everything-including themselves-for the sake of family, nation, and freedom.

In Service, we follow Marcus Luttrell to Iraq, where he returns to the battlefield as a member of SEAL Team 5 to help take on the most dangerous city in the world: Ramadi, the capital of war-torn Al Anbar Province. There, in six months of high-intensity urban combat, he would be part of what has been called the greatest victory in the history of U.S. Special Operations forces. We also return to Afghanistan and Operation Redwing, where Luttrell offers powerful new details about his miraculous rescue. Throughout, he reflects on what it really means to take on a higher calling, about the men he's seen lose their lives for their country, and the legacy of those who came and bled before.

A thrilling war story, Service is also a profoundly moving tribute to the warrior brotherhood, to the belief that nobody goes it alone, and no one will be left behind.
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Dawn M.


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Marlene V

Laughed & cried. An intimate sense of what life is like for these soldiers and their families. You will feel their pride and also their heartbreak. Your stomach will churn with the complexities of right and wrong. So well written & read — I did not want the journey to end.

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jason s

Another excellent book from Mr. Luttrell. Well narrated as well.

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William S

This should be required reading for Jr high-schools county wide. To show the costs of freedom, because freedom is not free.

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Ryan Andersen

Great read from a Texas hero. It spreads the love around for the different branches of service and even the wives!

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I love the way the book tells what the men go thru. I also love how the wives told there story it brings it all to life.

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adam hulslander

Accident follow up book from lone survivorship. I highly recommend this audiobook.

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Robert Randolph

Anyone that rates this book or narrator less than 5 stars, I would be shocked. It was awesome in every way. I would really love to meet Marcus.

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