Sell It Today, Sell It Now: Mastering the Art of the One-Call Close

Written by:
Pat Leiby , Tom Hopkins
Narrated by:
Tom Hopkins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
4 hours 38 minutes
Have you discovered the power of the one-call close? Sell It Today, Sell It Now Audio Seminar by sales champion, Tom Hopkins, is a supplemental training program which complements the Sell It Today, Sell It Now book. This audio program, along with the accompanying workbook, is your ultimate reference guide to planning and perfecting the art of one-call close. Whether you are an established sales professional with a long track record of achievement or a newcomer yet to make that first sale, you will find this seminar an incredible resource for new techniques, surprising insights, and continual inspiration.

You will discover how easy it is to:

Employ the fifteen keys of overcoming objectionsOvercome your fear of closingManage the four concepts that control all salesLet your customers answer their own objectionsMaster, use, and perfect the art of the one-call closeOnce you get a taste of this easy-going, soft-selling, results-only system, you’ll absolutely love it and never want to sell any other way! This step-by-step sales training audio seminar holds the key to your successful sales career. Keep it on your desk, in your car, in your office. Refer to it often.
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