Self Discipline: Develop Everlasting Habits to Master Self-Control, Productivity, Mental Toughness, and a Spartan Mindset for Creating a Life of Success to Beat Addiction, Procrastination, & Laziness

Written by:
Steve Martin
Narrated by:
Steve Martin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
1 hour 11 minutes
Self-discipline is the KEY to a successful, motivated, and fulfilled life — Keep reading and discover how to resist unproductive habits, improve focus, and achieve your dreams!
Do you struggle with self-control?
Do you lack the focus to move forward in life and reach your dreams?
Do you constantly envy how motivated your peers are?
You’re not alone!
If you want to:
- Strengthen your willpower and self-control
- Master yourself and build productive habits
- Boost productivity and build mental toughness
Then “Self-Discipline” by coach and expert Steve Martin is what you need to turn your dreams into reality!
Steve knows that self-discipline helps hone your ability to resist any temptations, improve focus, and boost concentration to get things done.
Thanks to this illuminating audiobook, you will:
- Develop a success-oriented mindset and live with purpose
- Reach your goals by building mental toughness, improve focus, and strengthen concentration
- Form good habits and break bad ones while strengthening your willpower
- Foster better relationships and achieve anything you want in life
- Achieve physical excellence by effectively sticking to your diet and workout routines
- Become fearless in the face of challenges and uncertainty
- Learn practical self-discipline tips from Spartans and Navy Seals
And MUCH more!
Your success weighs heavily on your ability to hold yourself accountable. Boost your ability to do so using “Self-Discipline”!
If you’re ready to finally change your life and embrace self-discipline 'BUY THIS AUDIOBOOK NOW' and take your fist step toward success!
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This was an exceptional audiobook to listen. I struggle daily with motivation and I have learned that being disciplined is a great part of being successful. Mainly due to the fact that there will be times we don't feel like doing the things we need to do. But if you have discipline and have created a structured system with calendar reminders. You can do amazing things with your life. You have to listen to this audiobook if you are on a journey to become a better person.

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