See Me

Written by:
M. Jayne
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Release Date
July 2019
13 hours 16 minutes
Throughout history, The Lady, Goddess of the Lycan world, has gifted werewolf packs with humans who carry her mark. Theodora Morrissey's plans to return to college for her graduate degree are ended when she is awakened by an otherworldly voice on a rarely used airstrip in Nebraska. Injured and disoriented, she has no idea the discoloration on her back has marked her as a Seer, and that she is now a possession-and the prisoner-of the Novus Pack of Lycans.

To the Novus pack, the word of their leader, their Laird, is the law. With compelling gray eyes and long dark hair, Raider Black rules his pack with intelligence and ruthlessness. To cement the security of his pack, Black has committed to mate another Packleader's daughter. But he's finding it impossible to fight his attraction to the pack's alluring new Seer, claiming her as his own.

Sweet, fearless, and unintentionally funny, Theo upends Black's world and pushes the boundaries of his rules. How far is Black willing to go, and what will he sacrifice, to save both his pack and the human Seer who's found a way not only into his bed, but his heart?

Contains mature themes.
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Ashante Williams

This book had so much potential and I was really into it for the most part. It was a different look at a shifter romance. In this story, the female lead, Theodora, the Seer, is not seen as the true mate for the Alpha of the Pack Raider Black. He is already promised to another female from another pack. The problem is that they can feel a pull towards each other and aren’t sure what it is. Theo is loyal to the pack as their Seer and does what she can to help them out and the works alongside the Laird, Black. Though they fight it, they still end up together. One thing that bugs me is that he’s still planning to end things with her once his mate is ready for him and still sees Theodora as his “consort” which truly sucks and I don’t see that as a romance at all. However, you can tell that they are truly bonded and closer than any “mated” couple. The problem is that she is human and marked and he is a lycan and they see things differently as the shifter world, in this book is kept hidden from the human world and they stay off technological radars. Things heat up for the pack and for these two and when you finally feel like they are getting somewhere, THIRTEEN FREAKING HOURS LATER and “This has been “See Me” by M. Jayne … “. WTF… I mean WTAF. How are you just gonna leave a girl hanging like that…. After thirteen long a** hours. Then I look and this is the first book in a series but the app doesn’t have the second book. I can’t… I just can’t… I’m so annoyed at this point, I’ll probably forget this book and not return to the series.

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Elizabeth R.

I liked it. However it has f/f, triggers for rape/incest, some bdsm, so if you aren't ready for those, don't go for this one. On a good note, the author has done a great job of world building, and has a "biker meets werewolves" kind of vibe. I will definitely read the next one.

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Marquita H

This was a great book and the narrator did A beautiful job conveying each character. Wish she had more books.

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oh Damn this was a good book made me feel like I was there

See Me
This title is due for release on July 9, 2019.

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This title is due for release on July 9, 2019
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