Secret Prey

Written by:
John Sandford
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2012
12 hours 15 minutes
The company chairman lay on the cold ground of the woods, his eyes unseeing, his orange hunting jacket punctured by a rifle bullet at close range. Around him stood the four executives with whom he had been hunting, each with his or her own complicated agenda, each with a reason not to be sorrowful about the man's death. If he read it in a book, Lucas Davenport thought, it would seem like one of those classic murder mysteries, the kind where the detective gathers everyone together at the end and solves the case with a little speech.But it wasn't going to be that easy, he knew. There were currents running through this group, hints and whispers of something much greater than the murder of a single man. He had felt this way not long before, sensed the curling of an indefinable evil, and not only had it nearly gotten him killed, it had lost him his fiancee, who?d never been able to recover from the violence of the encounter. Sometime soon, unless he could stop it, there would be another death, and then still another, and Davenport couldn't help but wonder if maybe this time, the final death might not be his own. . . .John Sandford has written extraordinary thrillers before, but nothing to top the startling twists and unrelenting suspense of Secret Prey.
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Super Sapper

Another great listen! Story is awesome with great characters. Narration is fantastic.

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Doesn’t disappoint. The Prey series novels are to crime thrillers what Luis L’Amore was to Western literature. An author with some personal experience that translates well. Wrote something entertaining. And keeps making the same product over and over again. You’d think it’d get boring. But every serious reader needs an option like this. Something reliable to grab for a certain emotional state, or a level of mental fatigue that doesn’t allow for a more involved read. Besides, I really like the development of Lucas Davenport. It’s more than a story arc across twenty-something novels?, it’s the human experience and condition looked at, and explored from, different angles. The narrator, Richard Ferrone, with his gravelly voice, is absolutely perfect for the book series. And, he does every single one I’ve ever listened to. Apart from the occasional mispronunciation, flawless.

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Wesley R.

Starts as very slow for readers familiar with this series. But last three chapters maid up for it.

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