The Secret of Love: Meditations for Attracting and Being in Love

Written by:
Deepak Chopra
Narrated by:
Deepak Chopra

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2011
2 hours 0 minutes
In his most alluring and tender album to date, Deepak Chopra gently navigates the listener through a series of “sutras”, or “great sayings”, on the power of love against a backdrop of musical serenity composed and performed by collaborator, Adam Plack.

Eight intimate and powerful sutra passages on themes like Attraction, Intimacy and Passion, as well as two never-before recorded Rumi poems are recited by Deepak in a guided mediation underscored with sensual and dynamic music composed and performed by Adam Plack, Deepak’s collaborator on such albums as A Gift Of Love:The Love Poems of Rumi, The Soul Of Healing Meditations, and Chakra Balancing: Body, Mind and Soul. In this new approach to meditation, Deepak emphasizes the simplicity of this practice, making this a perfect series for beginners and seasoned meditators alike.
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