The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent

Written by:
Joseph Conrad
Narrated by:
The Spire , Geoffrey Giuliano
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
10 hours 24 minutes
'The Secret Agent' is a novel written by Joseph Conrad, and published in 1907. The story is set in London in the late nineteenth century and revolves around a group of anarchists and their plot to detonate a bomb at Greenwich Observatory. The novel explores themes such as terrorism, politics, morality, and betrayal. The novel's protagonist is Adolf Verloc, a seemingly unremarkable man who owns a small shop selling pornographic materials. However, he is also a secret agent working for an unnamed foreign embassy. Verloc is tasked with infiltrating a group of anarchists and providing intelligence on their activities.

The novel introduces several characters, including Verloc's wife Winnie, her mentally disabled brother Stevie, and the anarchists' leader, known as The Professor. As Verloc becomes more deeply involved with the anarchists, he is torn between his duty to his employer and his loyalty to his new friends.

The novel takes a critical view of both anarchism and the British intelligence service, questioning the morality of using violence to achieve political ends. The character of The Professor embodies the dark side of anarchism, as he is willing to sacrifice innocent lives for the sake of his political agenda.The novel also explores the complex relationships between the characters. Verloc's marriage to Winnie is strained, and his involvement in the anarchist plot only exacerbates their problems. Stevie is a sympathetic character, and his death at the hands of Verloc is a tragic turning point in the novel. Conrad's writing style is dense and complex, with a strong emphasis on psychological realism. He delves deep into the minds of his characters, exploring their motivations and fears. The novel also features Conrad's signature use of symbolism, with the Greenwich Observatory representing the watchful eye of society, and the bomb representing the destructive power of anarchism.
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