Season's Change

Written by:
Cait Nary
Narrated by:
Lance West , Simon Dornet

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
10 hours 55 minutes
A veteran hockey player and a rookie can't get away from each other-or their own desires-in this sexy, heartfelt opposites-attract hockey romance.

Olly Järvinen has a long way to go. He's got a fresh start playing for a new team, but getting his hockey career back on track is going to take more than a change of scenery. He's got to shut his past out and focus. On the game, not on his rookie roommate and his annoyingly sunny disposition-and annoyingly distracting good looks.

All Benji Bryzinski ever wanted was to play in the big leagues, and he's not going to waste one single second of his rookie season. Yoga, kale smoothies, and guided meditation help keep his head in the game. But his roommate keeps knocking him off track. Maybe it's just that Olly is a grumpy bastard. Or maybe it's something else, something Benji doesn't have a name for yet.

Olly and Benji spend all their time together-on the ice, in the locker room, in their apartment-and ignoring their unspoken feelings isn't making them go away. Acting on attraction is one thing, but turning a season's fling into forever would mean facing the past-and redefining the future.

Contains mature themes.
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