Scorpius Rising

Written by:
Rebecca Zanetti
Narrated by:
Arika Rapson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
4 hours 28 minutes
A scientist reunites with her soldier ex-husband to combat a deadly plague in the New York Times bestselling author's romantic adventure novella.

Microbiologist Nora Medina knows something is wrong when she gets yanked off a Hawaiian beach and onto her ex-husband's government jet. Her marriage to Deacan Devlin McDougall had taught her plenty about adrenaline, and something more than their unfinished business that has brought the maddeningly sexy Scot back into her life.

As a soldier of fortune, Deke has seen just about everything. But the terrifying bacterium sneaking through the highest halls of power isn't his kind of battle. All he can do is keep close to his brilliant, fiery ex-wife and fight like hell to keep her safe. Because if he lets her get sucked down by the horror that's coming, he'll never get another chance at her heart.

Contains mature themes.
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