The Science of Being Great

Written by:
Wallace D. Wattles
Narrated by:
Joe Phoenix

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
2 hours 33 minutes
Joining the ranks of Tarcher's runaway editions of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Public Speaking for Success by Dale Carnegie, and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, here are three landmark guides to a life of prosperity-now restored to print in beautiful, signature volumes.
- Newly discovered by fans of The Secret, the metaphysical writer Wallace D. Wattles distills the rules of real power and personal achievement in his slender, immensely practical The Science of Being Great-the companion work to The Science of Getting Rich.
- Publisher Robert Collier taught millions of people how to achieve more, attain more, and live more-all by tapping the incredible faculties of the human mind. His leading book, The Secret of the Ages, is available once again in its authoritative, revised edition.
- Businessman Charles F. Haanel made a meticulous study of the 'Law of Attraction' in The Master Key System-a step-by-step guide to activating the principle of mental power and a core inspiration behind The Secret.
Each of these volumes features reset and redesigned interiors, rough-front pages, and elegant French flaps, and is published at an affordable price.
Here are the cornerstone works of self-development-perfect for today's generation of readers.
Famous works of the author Wallace D. Wattles: The Constructive Use of Foods, Hellfire Harrison, Jesus: The Man and His Work, a long speech made into a pamphlet, and the base of 'A New Christ', A New Christ, Letters to a Woman's Husband, 'The Science of' trilogy: The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great, The Science of Being Well.
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