The Schoolhouse: A Hickory Grove Novel

Written by:
Elizabeth Bromke
Narrated by:
Cecily White

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
6 hours 54 minutes
To move forward, she might have to take a step back.

Divorced empty-nester Becky Linden wants a fresh start. After two decades away, she returns to her hometown to find herself. What she discovers instead is the long-abandoned schoolhouse where she had her first kiss as a teenager.

Others might see an eyesore, but Becky sees the neglected building as a charming business opportunity and…her future. However, she can’t do it on her own. The one man who can help her is the last one she ever thought she’d ever ask—her ex-boyfriend.

Zack Durbin works for the school district that owns the run-down building, and he agrees with locals: the schoolhouse is a problem. What’s more? It’s his job to solve the problem. Then Zack's old high school sweetheart shows up with a dream to open a bookshop and reboot her life. Is Zack willing to sacrifice his career for the only woman he’s ever loved? Or will the past haunt him forever?

The Schoolhouse is a heartwarming, second-chance romance about a determined forty-something, her high school sweetheart, and the abandoned schoolhouse that just might have a little life left. Order your copy today.

Hickory Grove, Indiana is an old-fashioned small town full of big-hearted people with quirky stories. Each book is a sweet, standalone read.

The Schoolhouse: Book One

The Christmas House: Book Two

The Farmhouse: Book Three
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Patricia A S.

This was a fun listen, nice story plot and predictable ending although you’re kept a little bit on the edge until the end. I liked this book. The narrator did a good job.

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Heidi Fought

Story was okay but narration was terrible.

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Good book

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This was horrible. The story was as if it was written by a child. It was completely predictable and very boring with no surprise whatsoever. I will admit that I chose not to finish it because I just couldn’t take it anymore. The narrator voice for the main female character was annoying & unrealistic not to mention the southern accent when they live in Indiana. I’m glad this book was free.

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Dena Knight

I feel bad for giving this book a low rating, because it is just not my genre. It was too predictable. The narrator did not help matters by giving the main character a very annoying juvenile voice.

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