Savage Wilderness

Written by:
Harold Coyle
Narrated by:
Geoffrey Howard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 1998
15 hours 38 minutes
In this riveting novel of the French and Indian War, master storyteller Harold Coyle takes us back to a time when America’s vast riches were up for grabs. From 1754 through 1759, British and American colonial forces were locked in constant battle with the French and their Indian allies over the great territories of the Ohio Valley. For British army captain Thomas Shields, the war is an opportunity for fame, but the untamed wilderness he finds himself in defies all his expectations of the battlefield. For Scottish rebel Ian McPherson, serving in the English army is a punishment, but America offers the chance to secure some land of his own. And for idealistic young French officer Anton de Chevalier, the savage battle tactics of his Indian allies will forever change his understanding of war. Coyle draws on extensive research and his own military experience to create this stunning portrayal of life and death on the battlefield.
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