The Salt Fix: Why Experts Got It All Wrong - and How Eating More Might Save Your Life

Narrated by:
Qarie Marshall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2017
7 hours 28 minutes
We all know the dangers of sugar and salt: but the danger attributed to the second white crystal has more to do with getting too little of it, not too much. Too little salt can shift the body into semi-starvation mode, causing insulin resistance, and may even cause twice as much fat to be absorbed for every gram that's consumed. Too little salt in certain populations can also actually increase blood pressure as well as resting heart rate. In order to hydrate and nourish our cells, transmit nerve signals, contract our muscles, ensure proper digestion and breathing, and maintain proper heart function, we need salt. in this book, a leading cardiovascular research scientist and doctor of pharmacy overturns conventional thinking about salt and explores the little-understood importance of it, the health dangers of having too little, and how salt can actually help you improve sports performance, crush sugar cravings, and stave off common chronic illnesses.
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Brad M.

I really enjoyed the fact based content of this book and how the author shown an light on the fallacies of a low salt diet. However, I found it ironic that given so much of his context was factually based, that he spent so much time trying to justify his position with references to the theory of evolution. There are many great books conveying a differing view of the origins of mankind - Darwin's Dilemma and Signature in the Cell both by Stephen Meyer. I would have rated the book a 4+ if all the evolution content was removed - it added nothing to the author's case for salt.

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Dietmar B.

Long overdue. I crossed the country by bicycle at 51. And good shape but only haven ridden my bicycle about 100 miles the year before. On one of my few training rides a suffered from very painful leg cramps. I did some research found a powder (Scratch) to be added to my plain water I always drink. You guessed it...375mg of salt per bottle. I left for my ride in a huge heatwave. Topping out at 114 as I was climbing the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, pulling a 35lb trailer. You guessed it, no legs cramps on my ride...all the way to the East Coast. Case closed. The narrator was great.

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Salt never bothered me. Although I take a small dose of blood pressure meds, I can still eat salty food with no problem. He’s right…. Sugar is the bad guy… the food industry has blinded the AMA to how bad sugar is.

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Melissa W.

Very interesting read, lots of great information. I started using Redmond’s Real salt in all of my food, and actually using it as a pre-workout and just to start my day prior to reading this. I also add a tiny pinch of it to my black coffee in the mornings to help cut the bitterness. If you’ve ever been advised by a doctor to restrict your salt or eat a low fat diet, I highly recommend you read this and question your doctor.

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Enlightening, easy read. Very helpful information/resource that's immediately applicable to one's lifestyle/eating choices--not to mention answers to one's oddities trying to understand or cope with (like weight, lethargy, lack of sexual desire, dizzy, etc.). The reader does have to wade through factoids sprinkled throughout the book that can make the average audiobook listener feel like it's more of a text book at times (think study findings, specific medical conditions lingo, and pharmaceutical brand substitutes). I highly advise reading this book to not only the average person, but especially those advised to restrict/low salt/fat diet, with stubborn gut fat, athletic pursuits (or lacking desire of), vegan/vegetarians, Keto (low carb) diets, other diets, alcohol/caffeine consumption, pre/diabetics, renal/kidney issues, pre/hypertensives, autism spectrum, and pregnant.

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Nathan Scheer

I wish they would explain throughout the book that there is a huge difference between refined salt and unrefined salt (sea salt/redmonds/pink)... refined actually can cause a lot of the problems discussed here. Other than that, excellent book great information! This book is piercing the veil of fake studies pushed on the world to confuse and harm...\r\n\r\nTrust me... it\'s on purpose you can\'t do what the social establishment is doing without knowing what you are doing, everything good we need is attacked or censored and everything bad for us is promoted.\r\n\r\nPretty simple... there is a group of people trying to make your life horrible so you depend on them and their big pharma industries...

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Maxime F.

Loved it! Learned a lot and i love salt!

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Joan M.

Excellent info! Broken down into parts that I could understand. Already have Redmond’s salt on order! Excellent resource!!

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