Ruthless King

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
7 hours 26 minutes
The Bobcats are out, and it’s mating season

Barnet University has a tradition. It’s called The Hunt.
It’s the night the football team hunts down a girl on campus and dubs her his Kitten, to serve at his
beck and call.
And somehow, I’d forgotten all about it, which is the only reason I was caught, collared, and put to
Traditions suck.
Having no ambition to be anyone’s doormat—or worse, I turn to the only way out.
The captain.
His body is the work of art and cruel design.
One look into his eyes and my blood turns to molten lava.
I turned to him for freedom, but Bas offered something else. Captivity.
I’m bound to him.
And while mind tells me to get away.
My heart doesn’t.

I’m not someone who accepts free gifts. Everything comes with a price.
Even Sarah.
But when the Kitten begs for my help, I don’t resist. Her beauty is devastating. Her mind fascinates me.
She’s mine.
And she’s feisty.
But Sarah’s going to learn that when she bites, I bite back.
She fights me at every turn, but I know how to stroke her into submission …
She wants out, but letting her go isn’t an option. But then everything changes.
Now, it’s a choice between my happiness or hers. Which is really no choice at all.
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