Royal Threat

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
8 hours 9 minutes
After the shocking events at the Queen's Foundation Day press conference, Victoria finds herself back in the clutches of her sadistic surrogate father. She's afraid of losing someone she loves in an attempt to rescue her, so Victoria knows she must take drastic action to save herself. Duke Ramsey is willing to kill to keep her-and Victoria's now willing to kill to escape.

The events at the press conference also left the palace in lockdown, and Prince Byron has been tasked with eliminating the insurgents. As he attempts to restore order, a new threat emerges that no one sees coming-a threat more powerful than anyone could have anticipated. And it begins with the murder of one of the Queen's coveted doctors.

Clones are going rogue . . .

Allies and enemies are becoming targets . . .

No one is safe.

Contains mature themes.
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