Royal Captives

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
8 hours 36 minutes
Victoria's journey continues in the heart-pounding second book of the Royal Replicas series.

Victoria Sandalwood has escaped the palace, but not with any of the people she intended on saving. Now it's up to her to retrieve the coveted information the Queen so desperately desires. Victoria's life is safer if she never returns. However, her remaining sisters are counting on her to come back for them.

After watching Victoria leave, Prince Byron feels terrible about his inaction at the Choosing Ceremony and vows to win back her favor. Victoria doesn't know if she can trust him anymore, and she's ready to move past that small but sweet part of her life and remain steadfast on her new mission.

To free her sisters from the Queen's grasp, Victoria will need to enlist the aid of unlikely allies, some of whom may have far from altruistic intentions. And once again, Princess Amelia may be the key.

Victoria is determined to return for her sisters. She's determined to free Princess Amelia, who remains locked away within the lower maze of the palace. But the costs of such actions may be much higher than Victoria expects . . . and may end up costing her everything.

Contains mature themes.
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