Romney: A Reckoning

Written by:
Mckay Coppins
Narrated by:
Mckay Coppins , Jonathan Davis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
12 hours 31 minutes
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! In this illuminating and “scoop-rich biography…the tell-all tales rush forth” (Los Angeles Times) offering a “penetrating analysis of the ongoing Republican civil war through the eyes of one of its last embattled centrists” (Publishers Weekly).

Few figures in American politics have seen more and said less than Mitt Romney. An outspoken dissident in Donald Trump’s GOP, he has made headlines in recent years for standing alone against the forces he believes are poisoning the party he once led. Romney was the first senator in history to vote to remove from office a president of his own party. When that president’s supporters went on to storm the US Capitol, Romney delivered a thundering speech from the Senate floor accusing his fellow Republicans of stoking insurrection. Despite these moments of public courage, Romney has shared very little about what he’s witnessed behind the scenes over his three decades in politics—in GOP cloakrooms and caucus lunches, in his private meetings with Donald Trump and his family, in his dealings with John McCain, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, Joe Manchin, and Kyrsten Sinema. Now, Romney provides a window to his most private thoughts.

Based on dozens of interviews with Romney, his family, and his inner circle as well as hundreds of pages of his personal journals and private emails, this in-depth portrait by award-winning journalist McKay Coppins shows a public servant authentically wrestling with the choices he has made over his career. In lively, revelatory detail, the book traces Romney’s early life and rise through the ranks of a fast-transforming Republican Party and exposes how a trail of seemingly small compromises by political leaders has led to a crisis in democracy. “A rare feat in modern-day political reporting” (The New Yorker), Romney: A Reckoning is a redemptive story about a complex politician who summoned his moral courage just as fear and divisiveness were overtaking American life.
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Lori S

I am not Republican but I have really honored Romney’s ethics and beliefs about Democracy. Being from Utah, I learned many things and probably would vote for him as President after understanding his strength and convictions. This book is very good and enjoyable.

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Go in with your eyes wide open and you cannot come out of this reading experience without having at the very least some new modicum of respect for Mitt Romney. All biographies have their bias and this one does too. Trying to parse what Romney recalls in his many interviews with the author, a Mormon himself, and reality is a concern no doubt, but even for one who had nothing but disdain for the tactics Romney used in his unsuccessful bid to beat Obama in 2012, there is value in what he is saying. If only Romney had stuck to what is now described as his moral compass, he may have played a much larger part in the many failed attempts to save us all from the chaos and lunacy created by Trump.

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Heidi N.

The most honest and vulnerable I’ve ever seen a politician. Fascinating look behind the scenes of politics- especially the last few years with the rise of extremism.

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Matt M.

I thought this book was incredibly insightful. I live in NH and got to know the Romneys over the years but this book gets into his thought process. I thought it was good, balanced and informative of a true American patriot. Worth the listen!

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Robert Scott

Outstanding account of the man’s beliefs.

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