Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2005
7 hours 26 minutes
Mildred D. Taylor's Newbery Award-winning masterpiece with an introduction written and read by Jacqueline Woodson, just in time for its 40th Anniversary! 

Set in Mississippi at the height of the Depression, this is the story of one family's struggle to maintain their integrity, pride, and independence in the face of racism and social injustice. And it is also Cassie's story--Cassie Logan, an independent girl who discovers over the course of an important year why having land of their own is so crucial to the Logan family, even as she learns to draw strength from her own sense of dignity and self-respect.
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Gina M

Great-great eye-opening and really moving book, also inspiring.

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savannah sheppard

This always has been and always will be one of my favorite books. I cannot read it/listen to it enough.

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amy mckim

I love this book but I hate that you had to pay to read it.

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Jennifer Koehler

I absolutely love this book! It's the terrible truth. But it's a wonderful and heartfelt book. It's like no other book and a book I'll remember for ever

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Stephanie B

Great book.

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Laura C.

Great book. Compelling and written with raw honesty. Absolutely loved it!

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I was a little lost at times because this is not book one of the sequel. “ I looked up the order of books after reading this book and found that The Land “ is first. Good history though.

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Great black people like these represented hope for the future

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