Rocky the Rescue: A Collection of Happy Travel Tales

Written by:
Jane Justice Park
Narrated by:
Omar Leyva

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
0 hours 6 minutes
As intrepid Rocky travels the world, we learn how people say 'dog' and how dogs 'speak' in many different countries. Did you ever wonder what Mexicans use for a dog bark sound instead of the American 'woof woof?' What about the sounds of Russian, Japanese, South Korean, and Kenyan dogs? Every dog lover will delight in learning how people of all different nations truly love their dogs and the many ways they describe the sound of its bark. Come travel with Rocky on an international learning adventure!

Jane Justice Park

A consummate ARTivist, Jane enjoys turning every endeavor into an artistic force for good and is especially conscious of harnessing the power of language to infuse the world with hope. As well as being a children's book author, Jane Justice Park is an actress, martial artist, healthy food lover, model, and speaker with diverse film and television credits. Having earned a presidential honor for her charitable community activism, Jane seeks to serve and speak out for the voiceless and oppressed, worldwide. Her book Rocky the Rescue gives 90% to animal rescue organizations.

Having overcome great health challenges, Jane now utilizes the insight gained from her healing journey to help others in their journeys toward wholeness. Health advocacy, life coaching, and artistic expression play a big part in her prayerful ministry. She is led by her mission statement: 'Rescue the lost, heal the hurting, speak up for those who cannot.' Her heart, hands, feet, and every aspect of her life are led by this directive. All her books offer special ways to share her Spirit-filled calling to love all, always. Jane is grateful for the most resilient, compassionate, and pure hearted people she gets to call mom, dad, and big brother (Diane, Michael, and Jason Park) as well as those who are dearest friends-like-family who are true gifts from God.
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