The Rock Rats

Written by:
Ben Bova
Narrated by:
Ira Claffey , Amanda Karr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2005
10 hours 12 minutes
Book Two in the Asteroid Wars-continuing the saga of the struggle for the wealth of the Solar System
Visionary space industrialist Dan Randolph is dead-but his protégé, pilot Pancho Barnes, now sits on the board of his conglomerate. She has her work cut out for her-for Randolph's rival, Martin Humphries, still wants to control Astro and still wants to drive independent asteroid miners like Lars Fuchs out of business. Humphries wants revenge against Pancho-and, most of all, he wants his old flame, Amanda, who has become Lars Fuchs's wife. Before it ends, many will die-and many will achieve more than they ever dreamed was possible.
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