Robin Hood 8: Ballots, Blasts & Betrayal

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
5 hours 58 minutes
The eighth episode in the latest sure-fire hit series from the bestselling author of Cherub. Teen rebel and social-media star Robin Hood continues his epic struggle against the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham and brutal crime boss Guy Gisborne.

Robin Hood is campaigning to get his dad, Ardagh Hood, elected Sheriff of Nottingham. But their rival is arch-gangster Guy Gisborne, who won't hesitate to stuff ballot boxes with fake votes to ensure that he wins the vote.
And Robin has more personal worries - is he losing confidence in his ability to shoot arrows with deadly accuracy?
Meanwhile Robin's half-brother Little John is caught up in his mother's presidential election campaign, further complicating contact with Robin, his father Ardagh and his relationship with his girlfriend, Gisborne's daughter Clare.
The stakes get ever higher for both brothers in the eighth book of this all-action series.
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