The Robin and the Kestrel

Written by:
Mercedes Lackey
Narrated by:
Christa Lewis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
12 hours 30 minutes
Rune, Robin, and Nightingale. Together they will save us all. (If we're very lucky)

Rune: She ran away from an abusive home to become the greatest violinist her world had ever known-and when The Ghost of Skull Hill tried to stop her, she played him to sleep!

Robin: No mean musician herself, she must make her own visit to Skull Hill-to recruit the dreadful ghost to their cause.

Nightingale: Alone she could accomplish nothing. So she joined forces with T'fyrr, a strange nonhuman with the face of a raptor and the voice of an angelic choir.

This unlikely set of heroes had the daunting task of saving the King-and through him the Gypsies, Free Bards, and non-humans of the twenty kingdoms. Fortunately, their opponents had no idea how potent a weapon music could be . . .
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