Rob Roy

Written by:
Walter Scott
Narrated by:
LibriVox Volunteers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
21 hours 5 minutes
Rob Roy is a historical novel by Walter Scott. It is narrated by Frank Osbaldistone, the son of an English merchant who travels first to the North of England, and subsequently to the Scottish Highlands to collect a debt stolen from his father. On the way he encounters the larger-than-life title character of Rob Roy MacGregor. Though Rob Roy is not the lead character (in fact the narrative does not move to Scotland until half way through the book) his personality and actions are key to the development of the novel. (Summary from Wikipedia)
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Barb G.

I’m sorry, but narrators need to find the correct pronunciation of the script! I don’t like to criticize, but I cannot keep listening to this!

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Good book although a bit of a misnomer as Rob Roy only plays a bit part in the text - and covers only a small section of his life - the opening preface sheds more on Rob Roy’s history that the book does. The narrators are particularly awful - the worst are those who hog the bulk of the novel - two from New Zealand who murder the Scottish dialect like squawking parrots rendering it completely unintelligible - as a Scot myself it verges on racist travesty - why did they do this? If you listen to this version you will need the novel in front of you - less than 10% of well known Scottish place names and surnames are accurately pronounced and Scot’s words none at all! Yes - it is as bad as that.

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