A Ritual for the Dying

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
9 hours 54 minutes
Thrice cursed. Thrice bound. Thrice damned.

When the body of a famous television academic is discovered in Greenwich Park, carefully positioned beside a megalithic stone fountain and missing a hand, DI Declan Walsh and the team of the Last Chance Saloon find themselves not only involved in a case that connects to the supernatural, but one that also involves seventeenth-century architects, ley lines, nuclear reactors, and a secret, black market organization that specializes in particular occult items; some that date all the way back to both Aleister Crowley and the Elizabethan Magician, Dr. John Dee himself, and connected to a missing treasure.

But as the team hunt a killer, one that uses ritualistic locations and weapons to perform their murders, Declan will journey on a heretical treasure hunt through an underground pagan and spiritual subculture of witches, shamans, druids, magicians, and heathens, a world of esoteric luncheons and virtual sabbats, and where curses are believed real, and the dead indeed talk . . .

But is one of those dead voices that of his one-time love, Kendis Taylor?
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