Rise of Empire

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2012
26 hours 27 minutes
Best-selling author Michael J. Sullivan's mesmerizing Riyria Revelations series has found a welcome home with fans of magic, clashing swords, and daring heroes. This second volume finds Royce and Hadrian on a quest to enlist the southern Nationalists to aid the ever-weakening kingdom of Melengar. Royce suspects an ancient wizard is manipulating them all, but to find the truth he'll have to decipher Hadrian's past-a past Hadrian wants to keep secret.
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Thomas T

This was a great continuation of the first book. The author and narrator do an extraordinary job of bringing the characters to life and making the story fun and enthralling. Great Listen!

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Levi K.

I’m hooked, the tale must go on.

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John Downham

love the characters.

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Ginger S.

Thoroughly enjoyed. I love these characters. I love how they play off each other. I confess I was a bit confused for a short time but the author brought the plot together masterfully. Am looking forward to reading the third book. Don’t want the series to end!

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Barry C.

Great continuation of the first book!

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Andrea Marello

Great continuation of the series! Love this narrator and author. Lots of plot threads; keeps it interesting!

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Moud Barthez

Well then, Book two started way to slow i even thought it was shallow, and the first one was way better, although half way around the first chapter and it already feels that it even gets better! Twists occurs in a very subtle pace! The second part in the book was the best, i read it all in one set! I couldn’t flinch nevertheless leave it for another day, events developed rapidly and we get to see a new part of that world. Which broaden the sphere of struggle. It was great, Book I and II were magnificent and book have a shocking ending.

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Eric Perreault

Very good series.

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I love Riyria series! The characters are so good and looking forward to listening to the third book!

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Sergio C.

I have so many conflicted feelings. The story is entirely enjoyable, but sometimes I can feel the twists coming before they come. On the upside, with the appearance of Nimbus, I love this story ask the more both because of the Age of Myth series and because of his contribution to the story. The story of the side characters and the machinations of the bad guys are fun. I will say certain tropes are here. Without having read the last two stories in the revelations, I cannot be sure how things play out, but the journey is well worth the listen with these two cunning and funny thieves.

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Chasi D.

This was my favorite book out of the series by far!

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Maryam A.

I love it. great storyline

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I enjoy this story so far, and am looking forward to the next book. However I am disappointed that the author seems to use the stories main characters constantly getting captured, as a crutch to unveil the next twist or piece of the stories puzzle so to speak. It got very boring and redundant by the end of this book seeing these characters get captured again, and again, and again.

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Foster Johnson

Great story and plot. I love the series!!!!!!! It must be 50 characters long?! I would review more if not for this!

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