Righteous Prey

Written by:
John Sandford
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
11 hours 47 minutes
Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers are up against a powerful vigilante group with an eye on vengeance in this thrilling novel in the beloved series by the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

“We’re going to murder people who need to be murdered.”

So begins a press release from a mysterious group known only as “The Five,” shortly after a vicious predator is murdered in San Francisco. The Five is made up of vigilante killers who are very bored…and very rich. They target the worst of society—rapists, murderers, and thieves—and then use their unlimited resources to offset the damage done by those who they’ve killed, donating untraceable Bitcoin to charities and victims via the dark net. The Five soon become popular figures in the media …though their motives may not be entirely pure.

After The Five strike again in the Twin Cities, Virgil Flowers and Lucas Davenport are sent in to investigate. And they soon have their hands full--the killings are smart and carefully choreographed, and with no apparent direct connection to the victims, the killers are virtually untraceable. But if anyone can destroy this group, it will be the dynamic team of Davenport and Flowers.
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Cynthia A.

I love the banter, love the plots…love the characters and the Narrator. I just wish Eric Conger narrated Virgil Flower’s character in EVERY book by Sanford.

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Nancy B.

Another awesome book by John Sanford!

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KarenLynn M.

Richard Ferrone continues to be stellar as the narrator. This might be my favorite of the Lucas Davenport series although Storm Prey is also brilliant. The story line of this book was engaging. The pacing and plot did not disappoint. I also love Vergil Flowers. Lucas and Vergil are the dynamic duo. Look forward to more adventures.

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I believe I’ve read every novel written by John Sanford. Alway eager for the next release. Two things did bother me about this book. First, the forced maturation (neutering) of Virgil Flowers had made the character much less interesting. Second, I would ask if anyone has opined that a book of this genre would be enhanced by the inclusion of the author’s political views. I don’t think so. In my case (I’m sure I’m not alone). It detracted from the experience. Please, Mr. Sanford, consider your audience. You may want to stay in your lane.

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I'll never spend my money on a John Sandford book again......

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Jeffrey M.

It was fun having Lucas and Virgil together for the book. Ferrone does a great job narrating.

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Charles N.

Not as good as other/earlier stories, but that's seems typical as the series runs out of ideas or steam. Author started getting a bit political around gun control, conservative "wackos", etc.

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Karen A.

Not Sanford’s best book. The ending was a let down. All the political bullshit should be left out! I loved the old Prey books so much more because there were always evil villains who were found and stopped, no matter how much self serving bureaucrats tried to get in the way.

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Not my favorite book. I love the pray books but this was not paced well and was harder to fallow then the others. It wasn’t passing it was rushed brush and had no real sense of arc.

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Great book. Very fast paced with injections of humor.

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