Right Thinking for a Culture in Chaos: Responding Biblically to Today's Most Urgent Needs

Narrated by:
Dan Crue

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
9 hours 14 minutes
In today’s age of descent, many Christians feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the cultural sentiment that the truth has become unknowable. Yet despite this widespread uncertainty, God’s truth remains firm and unchanging, and when you turn to His Word seeking wisdom, you’ll find it extends even to the controversial topics of our day. From the bestselling team behind Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong comes Right Thinking for a Culture in Chaos—a biblically-minded survey of the divisive issues of our time. You’ll understand how God clearly defines truth as you navigate the root causes of the cultural corruption and hostility widely seen today. You’ll also explore how the Bible informs how we should view the harmful misbeliefs around concepts like gender identity, technology, environmentalism, Marxism, government authority, deconstruction of faith, and more. No matter what the world teaches, the Bible assures you that God’s truth is clear, concrete, and certain. Right Thinking for a Culture in Chaos will encourage you to root your beliefs in that truth, confident that Christ has an answer to any problem you face today.
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Dearest John MacArthur, deepest appreciation for writing Right Thinking for a Culture in Chaos. Your book “bar none” explains the why and what that’s happening in society/world.

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