Ride the Wreck

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
6 hours 48 minutes
Elijah Roberts: I'm a grumpy ass drag queen who loves what I do and never wants to stop. Drag gives me an escape, a way to embody the star inside me. A way to be happy.

Imagine how pissed I get when a stalker pushes me to quit drag after an extra spooky message is left on my mirror in red lipstick.

Enter Ryan Diaz, a smoldering and perma-smiling detective at Stonewall Investigations. He offers to take my case, which isn't the only thing I want him to take . . .

Ryan Diaz: My life followed a simple routine: work, friends, time with dad on his farm, and getting my heart tied up by another smooth-talking guy who promised the world on a plate only to cosplay as Casper the douchy ghost a few days later.

Predictable was fine. Boring, but fine. Everything changed the night I watched Elijah perform as Blue Divine. From then on, my life became anything but predictable. Electric. Exhilarating. Exciting.

All because of Elijah Roberts. Finding him was the easy part. Now I needed to keep him safe from his stalker, help bring back his love for drag, and get him to continue spending every night with me until the end of time. Shouldn't be too hard . . . right?

Contains mature themes.
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