Resisting a Bad Boy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
4 hours 58 minutes
Jessica Aguirre doesn’t know the definition of “living” anymore. Really, she’s just been following what she thought was the proper path. Who had forged that proper path, though, she had no idea. All she knew was that it was lonely. And
confusing. And probably, most definitely, not the path she was supposed to be on, especially considering the recent professional success that had brought her absolutely no joy. She’s a writer, yet words completely escape her when she tries
to describe what sort of life she might envision for herself. So when she’s hired to work on a memoir for Freddie McKnight, famed Hollywood producer and allaround recluse, she thinks it could be a new start in life. Or, at the very least, a
distraction from the impending doom that seems to be hovering above her head.
The only problem? Freddie’s not interested in being anybody’s distraction—or love, for that matter.
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