Rescued by a Highlander

Written by:
Keira Montclair
Narrated by:
Antony Ferguson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
8 hours 18 minutes
Madeline MacDonald has been a victim of her stepbrother's cruelty ever since her parents' death in a fire two years ago. Forced into a betrothal to a man she hates, her only way out is to escape to a convent.

Laird Alexander Grant is honor bound to rescue Maddie after seeing the bruises on her face. What he doesn't realize is that once he holds the beaten lass in his arms, his heart will never be the same. He vows revenge for the abuse she was forced to endure and yearns to make the sweet woman with an iron will his, but can he help her fight the demons in her mind left behind by her abusers' horrid treatment?
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Tanya O.

This book surprised me as to how good it was. But I liked the story line. It was a good listen.

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Linda Hall

This book took me away... The way it was narrated brought all the characters to life.

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I have listened to this book at least 4-5 times.

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Jane H.

Maybe one of the stupidest books I've read, and I've read tons. Dialogue written by an immature writer, anti-climatic, no intrigue, predictable. The narrator doesn't help either, not the worst I've heard but somewhat monotone, like reading an instruction manual.

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Not good. The males were one dimensional and the females incredibly annoying. Cringeworthy.

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I liked the characters and Maddie is a strong heroine. Content warning: rape and abuse. Narrator did a good job although a bit unemotional.

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Nice story. Would have liked more romance. Also would be better with a female narrator as well. Love love love Anthony Ferguson's voice.

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Juliana S.

Great storyline. Wish have more guys like that on theses days!! Good narration also

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Ashante Williams

Surprisingly good though I don't like period pieces and there wasn't enough actual romance and it seemed like they didn't get together until the last couple of hours in the book. The story and drama held its own.

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Judith B.

A great book to listen to while driving.

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such a romantic book

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Holly Leach

DNF. Ummm this just ridiculous

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good read!

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Judith Adams

Unbelievable , the lines were to canned. Book could have been 3 hours and all the highlight would have been covered. Written like a dime store romance.

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