The Reef

Written by:
Nora Roberts
Narrated by:
Sandra Burr

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2005
13 hours 13 minutes
A marine archaeologist and a salvager join forces to search for a legendary treasure in this novel that takes readers to the depths of the Caribbean and the heights of passion and suspense—from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts.

Tate Beaumont has a passion for treasure-hunting. Over the years, she and her father have uncovered many fabulous riches, but one treasure has always eluded them: Angelique’s Curse—a jeweled amulet heavy with history, dark with legend, and tainted with blood. In order to find this precious artifact, the Beaumonts reluctantly form a partnership with salvagers Buck and Matthew Lassiter.

As the Beaumonts and Lassiters pool their resources to locate Angelique’s Curse, the Caribbean waters darken with shadowy deceptions and hidden threats. Their partnership is placed in jeopardy when Matthew refuses to share information—including the truth behind his father’s mysterious death. For now, Tate and Matthew continue their uneasy alliance—until danger and desire begin to rise to the surface…
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Dottie Crowe

Liked the mystery and suspense! Great thriller for relaxation!

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Good solid story, a little longwinded and repetitive at times. Characters were a bit predictable as well. Nora Roberts fans will be satisfied.

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CHelsea Chappell

This is such a good book! It's addicting! Nora Roberts never disappoints!

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