The Red Tent - 20th Anniversary Edition: A Novel

Written by:
Anita Diamant
Narrated by:
Carol Bilger

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2003
12 hours 1 minute
In this modern classic interpretation of the biblical story of Dinah, Anita Diamant imagines the traditions and turmoils of ancient womanhood--the world of The Red Tent, a New York Times bestseller and the basis of the A&E/Lifetime mini-series.

Twentieth Anniversary Edition

In the Bible, Dinah's life is only hinted at in a brief and violent detour within the more familiar chapters of the Book of Genesis that tell of her father, Jacob, and his twelve sons.

The Red Tent begins with the story of the mothers--Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilhah--the four wives of Jacob. They love Dinah and give her gifts that sustain her through childhood, a calling to midwifery, and a new home in a foreign land. Dinah's story reaches out from a remarkable period of early history and creates an intimate connection with the past.

Deeply affecting, The Red Tent combines rich storytelling and the valuable achievement of presenting a new view of biblical women's lives.
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Christine Moore

This book was not what I expected. The story and the narrator were so good I could not stop listening. I can't help thinking how nice it would be to have some of their practices today.

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I come back to this story when I need a beautiful reminder of the heroic nature of women back to biblical times. I wish we could be more like these women today.

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Susan G.

Very informative. Beautiful to see the story from this point of view

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Autumn L.

I love this book. Reminds me of how far we’ve come as humankind and how far we have to go. It’s a quite an intense story but an easy read.

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Enjoyed, loved a woman’s side of biblical times.

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Lauren D.

This book is very interesting! A great true historical novel. I think I preferred it more when I read it than I did listening to it. But I can’t say why exactly.

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Lisa W.

I absolutely loved this beautiful story! I have had The Red Tent on my wish list for years, but I'm glad that I finally listened to it after becoming a mother.

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Amber L.

ok but wouldn't recommend it to anyone

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Cythnia G.

I don’t like the hateful attitude and vulgar telling of this story. I don’t think Christian should listen to this book. I am sure those beautiful women where not that nasty.

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Karen B

The novel isn't my favorite and this was my second time to read it. The narrator is pretty good , though sometimes could have been more expressive.

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