Reaping Demons

Written by:
Eve Langlais
Narrated by:
Tieran Wilder

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
5 hours 28 minutes
Turns out there are monsters in the world.

Why couldn't my midlife crisis involve a new hairstyle? I went from ordinary working gal to demon killer. Sounds exciting? Not really, seeing as how I got fired from my job, my apartment was trashed, and the cops think I'm involved in something shady.

Especially that cute detective who keeps questioning me . . .

Pity there's no time to flirt, what with all the demons that keep emerging from sewer grates and subway tunnels. Something has to be done before they overrun the city. If only that something didn't involve me!

I never asked to be a heroine, but apparently, I've been chosen and now I must reap what fate has bestowed before chaos is sown.

Contains mature themes.
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