Queen Takes Triune

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
9 hours 26 minutes
Which Triune court is calling the last Isador queen to take her rightful seat?

There are three Aima courts: one dead, one full of monsters, and one with an empty seat that's ruled by the queen of Rome. While Shara Isador loves her monsters, she has no plan to unseat a Skolos queen. Nor does she wish to work side by side with Marne Ceresa on a daily basis.

Let alone the mysterious Dauphine, who might be closer than Shara ever suspected.

Shara might be a relative baby in Aima years, and she wasn't raised in a nest. She doesn't know the ancient houses or laws that bind the queens to the high courts. But there's one thing she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What this queen takes, she loves, and what she loves, she keeps for all time.

Goddess help anyone who thinks to harm one of her own in order to sway her decision.
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Nicole M.

I absolutely love love love this series. This author is the most amazing writer and I normally do not get into books like this one but boy I was surprised after book 1!!! I will love her every single upcoming released audiobook shes PHENOMENAL!!!! The narrator is also outrageously talented and a pleasure to listen to !!

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