Queen of Their Colony: A Kindred Tales Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
9 hours 33 minutes
A middle aged science teacher who feels unloved and unwanted meetsThree huge alien warriors desperate to find their QueenWhen Terra agrees to go on a quest with V’rone, Tem, and RiveWill she end up as…the Queen of their Colony?Terra Engels is a regular middle aged science teacher with nothing special about her—or so she thinks. She comes up to the Monstrum Mother Ship to arrange a tour for her senior class…and sets off an alarm on the Dark Side of the ship.The alarm is a Heart-finder arch, tended by three Colony Monstrum, who must share a female. V’rone, Tem’blx, and Rive have pretty much given up on finding the one perfect woman who can be the Queen of their colony. Imagine their surprise when Terra walks through the arch and sets off the alarm, proving that she is the one they’ve been looking for!Terra, however, disagrees. She just got out of a failed marriage and she’s not ready to make another commitment—especially not to three huge guys at once! However, she makes a deal with them—she will go on a quest to help them find the right woman if they will attend her ex-husband’s wedding with her as her dates. That’ll show the cheating bastard!The Monstrum agree. Thus beings a crazy—and extremely hot—adventure to four different alien worlds that involve a host of dangers…and a lot of heated encounters. Each door between the worlds requires that the four of them become more and more intimate and less and less inhibited. But at the end of it all when Terra almost loses her guys, can she find a way to get them back? And will she ever consent to be…Queen of their Colony?
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