Queen Charlotte: Before the Bridgertons came the love story that changed the ton...

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May 2023
12 hours 23 minutes
Go beyond the original Shondaland series on Netflix, Queen Charlotte, with this lushly romantic Bridgerton prequel novel written by New York Times bestselling authors Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes as the marriage of Queen Charlotte and King George of England leads to an unexpected love story and a union that transforms society.

In 1761, on a sunny day in September, a King and Queen met for the very first time. They were married within hours.

Born a German Princess, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was beautiful, headstrong, and fiercely intelligent… not precisely the attributes the British Court had been seeking in a spouse for the young King George III. But her fire and independence were exactly what she, and her King, needed.

Because George has secrets… secrets with the potential to shake the very foundations of the monarchy.

Thrust into her new role, Charlotte must navigate the intricate politics of the court—with the newly-titled Lady Danbury at her side—all the while guarding her heart, because she is falling in love with the King…even as he pushes her away. Now, Charlotte must learn to rule, and to understand that she has been given the power to remake society, fulfilling her destiny as Queen. But she also has to fight for the love growing between her and George as people first, royals second. As she says to him: “Fight with me! Fight for me!”
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I didn’t like the explicit sexuality. I appreciate a good story but found this unnecessarily offensive. Married sex is ok but sex between unmarried people is offensive to me.

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Lynn H.

Amazing! Narrator was excellent!

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The love story was romantic albeit a bit sappy. Agatha’s character was interesting and I found myself rooting for her success and was pleased with her strength and tenacity during a time when women had no voice. Many issues that are still occurring today, are explored in this novel including mental health, race relations, inequality of women and homosexuality.

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A real look into the love story of one with mental illness and the one who loved him. I was moved and given insight which birthed understanding and compassion for those who walk this journey.

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Maya G.


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Very gut exactly like the movie itself

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Joy S.

I loved this book. It seems plausible to me. Narration was great. Covered a lot of history and social and cultural issues that still resonates today. Knowing it is fictional, I ended up doing a lot of research-I like it when a book leads me to learning more.

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