Protected Promise

Written by:
Julie Trettel
Narrated by:
Joe Hempel , Carly Robins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
5 hours 47 minutes
Everyone has secrets. Mine's just worse than most.

For the four years Kaitlyn has been at Archibald Reynolds College she has been watched over and cared for without question by each and every member of Delta Omega Gamma. Most don't even know why and they never ask.

Now, she's about to graduate and leave the safe haven they've created for her. She can't go back home. She's not sure she can survive on her own in the human world. But it's time she stands on her own two feet.

Scared and alone Kaitlyn must face her life head on if she is ever going to rise above the demons of her past. Finding her one true mate threatens her new journey of healing, but also offers a new protection to hide behind.

For Kaitlyn to truly find love she must first learn to love herself, but in doing so she risks losing her one chance at true love.

Contains mature themes.
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