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Prince: A House of Misfits Standalone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
14 hours 24 minutes
Once upon a time . . .

A baby is born in privilege, blooming under the warmth of his parents' love. Jealousy sprouts and brings with it malevolent intentions. A king and queen cursed with an empty kingdom. A child abandoned in revenge.

A misfit, the boy should turn hard and cold among the thorns he grows in. Despite lifelong attempts to destroy him, this child does not wither. Underneath his insecurity, he maintains a heart with the tenderest center. A heart that plays the most beautiful music.

Not far from this misfit but in a whole different world, a dashing prince lives with a crown of expectations adorning his golden head. A prince raised with honor and duty. A prince expected to marry.

Alas, during a simple walk in the forest, he is enchanted by a different song. And so a fairy tale is woven, two worlds colliding, secrets revealed, love everlasting . . . And a realization that not all fairy tales require a princess.

Contains mature themes.
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Christina W.

This book is one of my favorites this year. I love how the story comes alive with the three different narrators. It gives the book so much more feeling with the different voices for each character. Ethan and Fletcher will give you all the feels when you listen to their story.

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