Pride and Piña Coladas

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
8 hours 28 minutes
Nora Cooper is about to get her shot at 'the big time.' The Paradise Bay Resort is hosting the World Bartending Championships and she's been asked to lead the hospitality team. If all goes well, she'll be getting the promotion she's been working toward for years.

There's only one problem-billionaire Theo Rojas, the major sponsor of the event, who seems determined to make Nora's life a living hell.

When they wind up stranded together on a private island overnight, Nora starts to see a different side of him. She quickly forgets all the nasty things she wants to say as she is drawn into his deep brown eyes.

The last thing Theo needs is to fall for a colleague. His family's global corporation, Rojas Rum, is still battling the fallout of a scandal that sent their sales plummeting. With thousands of employees relying on him to restore the company's good name, Theo will have to fight his growing feelings and try to stay away from Nora.

When an unexpected twist threatens to ruin Nora's family, Theo steps in to save them, against his better judgment.

Will these two hard-headed opposites admit they're meant for each other, or will they miss out on their chance at love?

Contains mature themes.
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