Pretty Pretty Boys

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
12 hours 59 minutes
After Emery Hazard loses his job as a detective in Saint Louis, he heads back to his hometown-and to the local police force there. Home, though, brings no happy memories, and the ghosts of old pain are very much alive in Wahredua. Hazard's new partner, John-Henry Somerset, had been one of the worst tormentors, and Hazard still wonders what Somerset's role was in the death of Jeff Langham, Hazard's first boyfriend.

When a severely burned body is discovered, Hazard finds himself drawn deeper into the case than he expects. Determining the identity of the dead man proves impossible, and solving the murder grows more and more unlikely. But as the city's only gay police officer, Hazard is placed at the center of a growing battle between powerful political forces. To his surprise, Hazard finds an unlikely ally in his partner, the former bully. And as they spend more time together, something starts to happen between them, something that Hazard can't-and doesn't want-to explain.

The discovery of a second mutilated corpse, though, reveals clues that the two murders are linked, and as Hazard gets closer to answers, he uncovers a conspiracy of murder and betrayal that goes deeper-and closer to home-than he could ever expect.
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I honestly didn't give a crap about either main character or anything that pretained to the story. I felt like I was waiting for the the story to begin the entire time. I also disliked the fact that the severe bullying was glossed over. Like it was brought up but then quickly pushed aside during their conversations.

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