Presentation Skills Course: The Audience is NOT in Their Underwear!

Written by:
Rory Vaden
Narrated by:
Rory Vaden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
5 hours 19 minutes
How to write truly compelling presentations and deliver them like a Champ! From Two Time World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist Rory Vaden

Imagine coming off stage to thousands of fans cheering at the top of their lungs while they give you a thunderous standing ovation. Picture a lifestyle where you regularly meet the most influential people in the world and you network with some of the wealthiest people on the planet.
Imagine performing in front of all different types of audiences in numerous cities around the country, or even the world. You'll be changing people's lives as you inspire and motivate them with meaningful solutions that you have for their lives or their business. Picture sitting at a table with your sharpie in hand as massive line forms wrapping back and forth as people wait anxiously just for the chance to meet you and get your autograph. Most of all consider the fulfillment and true joy that you would experience when you hear back from people who have made tremendous progress in their life based on what YOU taught them! That is the life of a Champion Presenter!

If you are ready to turn your message into money, your hope into happiness, and your dream into dollars then this is exactly what you are looking for. It's like NOTHING that has ever been created before.

This audiobook includes all of the real honest secrets that Rory used to become one of the fastest rising speakers in the world in just a few short years. This is NOT just the basics of how to tell a story, what to do to write a speech, or how to use simple gestures. This is an industrial strength mastery level advanced mechanics for how to make audiences erupt with laughter and explode with applause. The ONLY way you'll ever reach your maximum potential as a speaker is to become absolutely dynamic on stage - this shows you how.

Much of the information contained here has never been shared outside of Rory's immediate circle of speaker friends. It is the equivalent of a magician exposing every one of his tricks. The primary reason Rory created this content was for training his own team of speakers at Southwestern Consulting. But we followed him around with a microphone as he was letting his business partners in on these highly personal secrets and strategies.

Rory is arguably one of the most compelling presenters on the planet. At 24 years old he was the youngest person in history to make it to the World Championship of Public Speaking; TWICE! By age 27 he had built a multi-million dollar speaking and training company, created 6 different books, and was keynoting for companies like Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney, Bank of America, Trane, McGladrey, and HCA. He has been one of the fastest speakers in history to gain international notoriety. As you will learn, all of this can happen for you once you understand the techniques of being magnificent on the platform!
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