Powder and Pavlova

Powder and Pavlova

Written by:
Jay Hogan
Narrated by:
Gary Furlong
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
9 hours 12 minutes
ETHAN SHARPE is living every young Kiwi's dream--seeing the world for a couple of years while deciding what to do with his life, no rush. Then he gets a call. Two days later he's back in New Zealand. Six months later his mother is dead, his fifteen-year-old brother is going off the rails and the café he's inherited is failing. His life is a hot mess and the last thing he needs is another complication--like the man who just walked into his café—

a much older...

sinfully hot...

EPIC complication.

TANNER CARPENTER's time in Queenstown has an expiration date. He has a new branch of his business to get up and running, exorcise a few personal demons while he's at it, and then head back to Auckland to get on with his life. He isn't looking for a relationship especially with someone fifteen years his junior, but Ethan is gorgeous, troubled and in need of a friend. Tanner could be that for Ethan, right? He could brighten Ethan's day for a few months, help him out where possible, and maybe offer some... stress relief, no strings attached.

It was a good plan, until it wasn't.
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